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MicroD has been leading technology solutions for the home furnishings manufacturers and retailers for over 20 years.

In our early days, MicroD pioneered the use of computers for desktop product presentations. As the Internet grew in popularity, our company took the technology and created the first online furniture presentation with ePreVue. Computer-generated visualization (or draping) kickstarted the next generation of innovation for the company and furniture industry.

Merging with B2B software company, Exim Technologies, in 2003, MicroD expanded the solutions we offer to manufacturers and retailers of the home furnishings industry to include Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Over the years, MicroD has patented the OmniVue® platform and was the first fully-integrated merchandising and marketing solution with product presentation, room planning, website development and hosting, and eCommerce capabilities.

More than 20 years later, we are known for connecting talented individuals with ingenuity in the furniture industry. Meet MicroD’s team of talent that make it happen. Our great team helps us grow the industry through great customer service, new technologies, and unparalleled innovation.


unnamed (1)

Brian Abdo

Debbi Adamskie

Pavan Alapati

Pavan Alapati


Josh Astete

James Ballbach

Mason Banghart

Tracy Barber

Tracy Barber


Rich Barker

Erika Bebow


Brian Boupavong

Deanna Causby

Jim Chance


Brandon Chansy

Angelica Clark


Khalil Cliette

Josh Coffman

Bryan Curry

Madison Douglas


Matt Duckworth

Jason Duff

Susan Freedlund

Susan Freedlund

Richie G

Richie Gaiser

Ron Gordon


Sam Gray

Ana Gross

Ana Gross

Ayush Gupta

Tyson Hammer

Tyson Hammer

Jamie Hedrick

Dana Helms

Keith Johns Headshot

Keith Johns

Margaret Jones

Margaret Jones

Steve Kahn

Divy Kanungo

Karlene Kapka

Vignesh Karunanithi

Vignesh Karunanithi

Carly Kincaid

Jeff Kranz


Chris Lamb

Summer Lane

Summer Lane

Michael Lee

Hayley Leocha

Chenyang Li

Cheyanne Lovelace

Pam Lucas

Pam Lucas


Gabrielle McCarthy

Mark McCuistion

Barbara Minton

Karen Moses

Manoj New Headdshot

Manoj Nigam

Mona Nigam


Zach Parmelee

Demian Pearce


Jennifer Piet


Abigail Pratt

Ben Ralph

Charles Rising

Jeff Roberson

Matthew Scronce

Richard Sexton

Richard Sexton


Nathaniel Smathers

Donna Smith

Connie Spears

Emily Stalvey


Whitney Slone

Catherine Sumsky

Eddie Taylor

Linda Taylor

Alex Thompson

John “JT” Thompson

Napoleon Thompson

Napoleon Thompson

Chris Vearnon

Indu Vemula

Victoria Vizard

Victoria Vizard

Clint Walker Headshot

Clint Walker

Brandon Walters

Dan Wanner

Dan Wanner


Ken Widger

Kelly Wood

Chris Woodruff

Kashia Yang


Brandon Zinser

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