2018 SEO Trends To Look Out For

Without question, 2017 is a great year for search engine optimization (SEO) marketing. Nevertheless, 2018 SEO trends will prove to be the clincher. SEO, when combined with social media networking and other marketing strategies, offer businesses the best choice and the least cost to effectively reach a diverse group of customers. Companies soon discovered that their target audience already had an online presence, and they, in fact, could benefit from making their own online appearance. In 2108, there will be at least five SEO trends no business can afford not to take advantage of. These trends will be the cornerstone of success for hundreds of new and thriving businesses, which will also determine the outcome of their future success. SEO is still king of the Internet, and businesses will continue to need valuable, and unique content that will meet the need of their company in the years ahead.

Mobile SEO Promises to Boost Keyword Search

Searches from a desktop computer are expected from home business owners and online marketers. But, what happens when your desktop is larger than your pocket? Is mobile technology is the answer? Mobile First Index or (MFI) will rank higher in search queries than desktop computers. What will set the tone for mobile priority is the mobile’s CPU size and speed capacity. Millions of consumers do most of their searching and shopping from a mobile app. Even on the go, consumers are constantly using their mobile devices in the same capacity as a desktop computer. Now is the best time for business owners to start incorporating Mobile-First Index.

According to a study conducted by BrightEdge, a leader in SEO and content performance suggests that 57% of traffic as of now comes from smartphones and tablets. It is more than two years ago, that Google proclaimed that searches from mobile devices had indeed outranked searches made from desktop computers. Although no official information is available at this time, big companies like Google and BrightEdge are continually conducting their own independent research.

Voice Search to Increase Immensely in 2018

Voice search is taking SEO to new and exciting levels. Dragon Naturally Speaking was a popular voice recognition software in the late 1990s and continues to thrive in the marketplace today. It is predicted that voice search optimization will be just as popular in 2018 and beyond. Recent studies reveal that voice search technology is already increasing, and more consumers than expected are using voice search to perform a variety of tasks. With voice searches, consumers can focus their attention on longer tailgate keywords. This will help businesses set up an SEO platform that is both user and SEO friendly. Nevertheless, digital assistants will play a major role in the delivery of queried information it gathers from website searches.

As millions of people take to their digital devices, the opportunities for SEO and content marketing will continue to increase. Voice technology will prove to be a viable and reliable tool for business owners and consumers. In the near future, the integration of voice searches and smart home hubs will help businesses access new information while taking advantage of a new and thriving market.

SEO and Back Link Building to Make a Major Comeback

Link building or backlink building is one of the key ingredients in driving consumers to a particular website or brand. In 2018, companies will build on the management of companies reputation, and relationship building. While referral links are important, building long-term relationships will take priority. The main focus will be on how to integrate guest blogs and company brands without causing damage. Although referral links will still provide some rankings to the site, the highest rankings will most likely come through the integration of link building to SEO content. However, companies should take a closer look at monitoring and possibly eliminating, spammy guest blogs. Links building are crucial and they can prove to be a vital tool in increasing brand awareness, and online business presence.

Visual Search On the Rise

What you see is what you get. This could be the motto of visual search technology. Our world is one of sight and consumers want to see what they are buying. Posting images on places like Pinterest, Bing Visual Search and Google Lens allow consumers the opportunity to search or recognize the image they are looking for. This type of technology is not new, but it is untapped by most companies. To fully engage in visual search several satisfactory elements need to be present; human intellect (know-how), neuroscience, and psychological insight. While visual search is intriguing the concept of utilizing this technology will not be easily mastered.

When searching for images, the software has to take into account; size, color, shape and other dimensions. How can any one person do this without a wide margin of error? Moreover, Google has made progress in its use of visual image search, and also implement the use of image reverse search. Although useful, image reverse search technology does not come without limitation.

User-Friendly SEO Websites to Engage Potential Customers

Is content created for the website or for the user? This is a question that needs the right answer. Anyone can create a website, but is it user-friendly. Can people relate to your site, are the pages easy to navigate? These are important factors to think about when creating an SEO website, geared towards increasing traffic and drawing consumers. Companies must always think of the user. SEO content is a combination of keywords and keyword phrases. When customers visit a website, they should be able to type in a keyword or phrase and find exactly what they are looking for.

Engaging content will capture the attention of visitors and captivate their attention for a selected period of time. SEO content re-emphasizes the intent and meaning of what is seen on the website, and it also increases rankings. Now that SEO is becoming more popular among device users, it is safe to say that SEO on mobile platforms will enhance and improve business to consumer relationships in 2018.


The SEO trends for 2018 are continually growing. Many of these and other trends will work for nearly every business structure. Consumers often look at the internet for answers, and to help them find services and products. Voice search is perhaps the quickest search method to use and the most convenient for people on the go. Voice searches provide instant results from any place. SEO link building will provide businesses the opportunity to introduce their brand, and engage in permanent relationship building with B2B (business to business) associates, consumers, and partnering companies.