5 Ways to Use Social Media Marketing For 2018

Social media marketing for 2018 is the ideal solution for millions of thriving businesses. For years, companies have experimented with various types of advertising solutions, and not all of them successful. More traditional methods of marketing included direct mail, outdoor billboards, newspaper ads and television, which are still in effect today. However, since most older consumers are not tech savvy, many companies can still benefit from this target marketing audience. Neither way is helping businesses to connect to a new generation of users every day, and the number of users is constantly increasing. Social media marketing has become the main vehicle for:

  • Driving traffic to websites-Once customers visit a site, it is the content that will engage them and capture their interest
  • Introducing new companies- A great place to put up a business profile and let customers explore the business website
  • Promoting new brands- Customers want to know what brands are available and how they can benefit from their use
  • Reaching out to new customers- Recruiting new customers through incentives can prove to be beneficial
  • Developing long-term business relationships- long-term relationships build trust, loyalty, and commitment

Instagram Gives Businesses and Consumers a Voice

Instagram caters to more than 300 billion users on a daily average, which is a huge potential for businesses hoping to increase their customer base. Compared to similar online social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which offers a 0.1 percent user engagement, Instagram offers an active customer platform of a whopping 4 percent. While studies show that an estimated 70 percent of users look up a particular brand, only 62 percent actually follow a brand. The proof and potential for success lie in the numbers, and Instagram is one of the most controversial online marketing platforms on the web.

Since Instagram offers businesses a cost-effective way to introduce their brand and tell their story, it will become more business-friendly in the upcoming year. What will help define most businesses goal will be their:

  • Frequent consistency
  • Clear vision and business strategy
  • Relationship with their audience
  • Clear proven visual profile

Live Streaming Plans to Draw a Larger Audience

YouTube advertised products and services to millions of fans and customers worldwide. With this kind of success, live streaming for businesses can be just as profitable. Live streaming will become the ultimate platform for advertising new products and services, in which customers can tune in to their mobile phone and computer. Businesses will be able to stream their live events and commercial to their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch.TV account.

Businesses will be able to offer live conferences, board discussions and more. Customers can engage in real conversations and provide instant feedback. To make a definite impact on the internet, businesses will need to set up a knockout profile that appeals to all target audiences. Live streaming or webcasting can reach billions of potential customers across the globe with no exception to age, ethnic group or gender. If possible, share a link that will link back to the website. A bio of the company and the owner is the most appropriate content to publish on the profile.

Online Hangout Spots Gains Popularity

Google Plus Live Hangout will be the next upcoming social media marketing place for businesses to meet and regroup in 2018. Digital hangouts are like office water coolers. Everyone meets at the water cooler to find out the latest gossip. Consumers can get the insight on which products are making their way to the marketplace, which businesses are launching new products and when these products will hit the market. This is a great way for businesses to establish a platform and create their own environment. Most importantly, digital hangouts are free, which means the only investment businesses need to invest in is their time.

Taking the time to set up a digital profile and followup on the latest trends will require time and attention to details. Consumers have an interest in who’s who, and putting a face to a name is important in the building of B2B (business-to-business) and Business to consumer trust, commitment, and loyalty. Companies can include links to their brands and links that loops back to their website.

Virtual and Augmented Reality to Hit the Internet Intensely

The majority of businesses in 2018 will bring AR or augmented reality to their customers from their office. This means that millions or even billions of potential customers will have the freedom to shop from home or dine in a five star restaurant without walking out of their front door. In virtual and augmented reality businesses can show customers how to fix their vehicles, or what a handcrafted item will look like before it even arrives at their home.

As of now, 7 percent of marketers are playing around with the idea of virtual and augmented reality in the use of their business. In 2014, 60 million users engaged in VR or AR marketing. By 2018, the number of users is predicted to be at 200 million. Not only will this technology enhance and influence the user experience, it will drive traffic to new and emerging businesses.

Social Media/Micro Influencers Equals Cost-Effective Marketing Solution

The majority of large companies with high-end brands use well-known celebrities to influence purchases and increase sales. However, research shows that micro- influences have just as much influence. What does this mean for smaller businesses? It could mean more money in the bank. Bloggers and social media celebrities have a large following, and these followers are loyal and committed. They hinge on every word and trust the advice they hear and read from their social media star. Word- of- mouth advertising among peers generate twice as much revenue as paid advertising and the cost is considerably less.

Business owners will most likely look to micro-influencers and pay less for the same or better quality of service. Bloggers that are good have a following of at least several thousand, and others have a lot more. 2018 will be the year that businesses can reach out to social media stars and bloggers. This will help many form a business to blogger relationship. In turn, this will help businesses reach hard to reach customers and embrace a new and diverse consumer target group.