MicroD adds Visual Search Enhancement Opportunities to OmniVue®

MicroD adds Visual Search Enhancement Opportunities to OmniVue®


CHARLOTTE, N.C. (July 26, 2017) – MicroD LLC, the leader in integrated online product presentation, website design, eCommerce and EDI solutions for the home furnishings industry, announces Visual Search for furniture retailers and consumers. Shoppers, interior designers, and retail sales associates can now discover products and augment their product search through this rapidly-evolving technology.


Visual search is initiated on a website by the search bar, much the same way as textual search.  Users can upload an image directly into the visual search interface or simply cut and paste the image URL. Website users can specify if they want to find items similar to the photo or complementary items by specifying the category. The visual search technology takes over from there. Products with the same visual attributes will be displayed in the search results.


Visual search also enables easy and engaging product merchandising. Additionally, retailers can use visual search technology to create a carousel of “visually similar items” on product pages. This functionality layers an entirely new navigation facet onto each product page and increases time on site through a more visually-enticing interface. Best of all, the visual search technology does this merchandising automatically, using the artificial intelligence that powers the platform.


This new MicroD solution is the result of working with our new partner, Thinkdeep.ly. Based in Montana, Thinkdeep.ly is an emerging technology platform that provides enterprise visual search solutions. Thinkdeep.ly includes full API integration, widget integration, as well as analytics for interest, engagement, and relevancy. The search functionality is accurate and self improving, but can be tuned and customized to the retailer merchandising priorities. Best of all, the platform is robust and easily integrated via API, allowing for rapid enablement with minimal data maintenance. The visual search catalog is updated automatically as MicroD updates manufacturer catalogs, deployed through our patented OmniVue® platform.


Visual search not only creates a more engaging discovery process but also helps retailers sell more product. Early indications of performance point to onsite conversion lifts of up to 40%.This powerful technology compels users while creating a higher level of interest and satisfaction among them. By connecting the world of touch-and-feel with the digital world, the exploration process becomes more engaging, allowing customers to find the indescribable with the power of visual search.


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