Maximizing Your PPC Returns on a Modest Budget

Make Money with Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay-per click, or PPC, marketing has long been idealized as one of the Internet’s greatest brand-building strategies. After all, who would pass up the opportunity to make money with pay per click advertising and serve ads to huge audiences via established networks of trusted sites and content creators? With the ability to engage potential consumers via social media, apps and other popular platforms, it’s no wonder that few marketers can resist. Taking this into consideration, we believe it’s important to share some of our top PPC marketing tips to help you see more of a return, regardless of the size of your budget.

In practice, however, access to the PPC gold mine comes at a price, and for most companies, budget limitations are a major hindrance. Whether you’re working with a local Internet marketing company or an international ad agency, it’s vital that you optimize your expenditures. Here are a few techniques that could help.

1. Know Your Limits: Focus Locally

Some of most effective Internet marketing concentrates on audiences in and around your area. This works because the majority of real-world businesses only serve limited geographic areas. Targeting the regions where you do the most business and excluding those you’re not established in can help you limit wasted marketing expenditures.

2. Know Your Audience: Conduct Remarketing

If you know a consumer previously demonstrated enthusiasm for your products or services, you ought to target them with remarketing. People get distracted by smartphones, social media and your business rivals, which can all stop them from completing transactions or becoming invested in your brand. Sometimes all it takes to rekindle their interest is a gentle reminder in the form of a well-placed PPC ad. Anyone who has visited your sites, social media pages or other content is fair game. This strategy can increase traffic and make money with pay pay per click advertising.

3. Broadcast When More People Are Listening

Your Internet marketing will generate superior ROI when people are actually around to hear your message. If you’re constrained by a budget, you can save money on ads by scheduling them in a fashion that favors peak viewing hours. The concept is like buying radio ads during rush hour or scheduling TV spots during the Superbowl. Planning around viewer habits makes your marketing more cost effective by increasing per-ad exposure.

4. Refine Your Targeting With Negative Keywords

Negative keywords further increase your ability to engage receptive audiences and drive organic results. For instance, someone searching for “computer keyboards,” isn’t likely to glean much satisfaction from browsing your online selection of musical instruments and piano keyboards. If you don’t exclude the unrelated term, however, you’re paying to advertise to people who aren’t interested. Adding negative keyword phrases to your search campaign helps reduce the incidence of spurious visits and eliminates keywords that don’t generate sufficient ROI.

5. Use Call-Only Campaigns to Target Technology, Not Just Users

If your business model revolves around providing services, why not make it easy for consumers to solicit your offerings? Call-only PPC ads that only show up for users browsing via mobile devices help target those who are most likely to reach out to you. They may even increase engagement by providing an easier point of contact amidst the hubbub and general confusion of distraction-heavy sites like Facebook.

6. Choose Keywords Carefully: Never Neglect Your Brand

Your local Internet marketing company should help you create campaigns that focus on the products or services you want to promote, but bidding on brand terms is just as vital. Purchasing ads that promote your brand name reduces the chance that competitors will divert vital traffic away from you or that potential consumers might get confused. Some experts also note that branded clicks are often cheaper, which has obvious budget benefits.

7. Let Your Campaign Budgets Mingle

Shared campaign budgets let you apply a joint pool of funding to multiple AdWords efforts. This strategy can compensate for lulls in impressions by automatically shifting unused funds from a low-performing campaign to its shared-budget counterparts.

8. Leverage Google Display Network

Google Display Network, or GDN, gives your PPC ads longer legs. By targeting users on partner platforms, you gain easy access to specific audiences. You can also serve ads geographically and include rich media, video and other formats, commonly at significantly reduced entry prices.

What PPC marketing tips did you use? If you have any questions regarding our PPC marketing tips or if you would like to make money with pay per click advertising, please contact us today at (980)-216-4913!