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We’ve been with MicroD for awhile and the platform really enhances our web traffic. People always say it’s so easy to use and we’ve enjoyed it a lot – especially the advice tips we get from MicroD. We highly recommend a MicroD website to anyone out there.

Grant Gray

More retailers than ever are looking into ecommerce. But not everyone is ready.

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Are you operating a fully functional online store? Is your website friendly on all devices and browser types for shoppers coming online to buy products? Is it following industry best practices or do you have areas for improvement? Our team of website experts knows all the technical detail about how a good website works. We'll evaluate your website for the technical foundation.

Is the product data up to date? Is it complete with accurate product information from the vendors you carry in the store? You need digital merchandising, product ranking, online visualization, and pricing built into your catalogs for a shopping cart. We'll review your website to see if your content is ready for ecommerce sales.

Do you have the internal resources ready to handle incoming leads, shopping cart management, and other resource-heavy projects like ecommerce marketing and promotional management? Do you need access to third party resources to make this successful? Resources can be a make or break for ecommerce shopping cart success.

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Are you ready for eCommerce?

We’ll find out if your online store is ready for ecommerce and how quickly you can get started. In this checkup we’ll review 3 critical areas for ecommerce success: