Unlock Manufacturer Data with MyFurnishWEB

Never has it been this easy for manufacturers to empower their furniture dealers, designers, and sales reps with critical sales, and product inventory information. MyFurnishWEB is a cloud-based solution that provides users with secure access to their manufacturers’ customer service, product information, photography, inventory with planned availability, order status, and sales tools for analysis. MyFurnishWEB allows designers, dealers and sales reps to place orders online from their smart devices to speed up product delivery. Through MyFurnishWEB, MicroD offers a unique opportunity for manufacturers to provide unparalleled customer service to their approved dealers, all while streamlining their internal processes.

For Manufacturers

  • Dealers, Designers and Sales Reps use one password and one standard interface on all their devices (no installation needed).
  • Increase effectiveness of sales reps by providing timely sales and analysis data.
  • Increase sales by having the answers to order status and stock questions.
  • Automated Product Data to all Dealers for inventory and photos.
  • Interfaces with EDI to eliminate multiple file exports of the same data.
  • Handle Service Requests in one place.

For Dealers, Designers,
and Sales Reps

  • Less manual entry time means fewer errors and faster processing times for your orders.
  • Makes it easier to be more efficient in the competitive marketplace.
  • Up-to-date Inventory and shipment information.
  • Product and Dealer sales reporting.
  • Messaging to communicate with your Dealers and Manufacturers.
  • Shipment and Order Notifications
*must be invited by the manufacturer

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