Grow Your Talents with an Innovative Team

MicroD has been leading technology solutions for the home furnishings manufacturers and retailers for over 20 years.

In our early days, MicroD pioneered the use of computers for desktop product presentations. As the Internet grew in popularity, our company took the technology and created the first online furniture presentation with ePreVue. Computer-generated visualization (or draping) kickstarted the next generation of innovation for the company and furniture industry.

Merging with B2B software company, Exim Technologies, in 2003, MicroD expanded the solutions we offer to manufacturers and retailers of the home furnishings industry to include Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Over the years, MicroD has patented the OmniVue® platform and was the first fully-integrated merchandising and marketing solution with product presentation, room planning, website development and hosting, and eCommerce capabilities.

More than 20 years later, we are still leading the industry with our forward-thinking solutions and corporate evolution. MicroD is known for connecting talented individuals with ingenuity, that’s why we’ve integrated with the award-winning, digital marketing firm Web Full Circle. This talented team brings their expertise in SEO, Content Marketing, Conversion Rate Optimization, Promotional Marketing, PPC and Social Media Management to achieve large scale growth for clients across multiple industries. Meet MicroD’s newly merged team of talent that make it happen. Our employees help us grow the industry through great customer service, new technologies, and unparalleled innovation.

Our Philosophy

At MicroD, we aim to achieve the best and have fun in the process.  Our core values speak for themselves and give us the motivation we need to continually exceed expectations and build great relationships with our teams and our clients.

What sets MicroD apart from the rest?

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