Omnichannel - it's really about the journey

The way we approach retail marketing is changing. Today, success means reaching customers wherever they are and whatever device they may be using. People no longer discriminate between mobile and desktop when it comes to shopping or if they're in store or on an ecommerce site. An omnichannel approach puts the customer at the center of its strategy - not corporate silos.


the window of opportunity is tiny

Consumers today are impatient. They want to know instantly if you have what they're looking for. When they seek out your brand, they do so through various channels and devices. If you don't meet their expectations, they waste no time moving onto your competition. What's more, they are big on comparative studies in an instant. If you fail, you are immediately crossed off.

Our omnichannel strategy is to create amazing journeys and meet customer needs at every touchpoint.

it's not just a fad

Omnichannel retail is the norm and customers have heightened shopping expectations. According to a Forrester study in 2014:

"retailers must continually revisit and potentially rewrite their omnichannel strategy to innovate and excel in customer experience, rather than constantly trying to catch up with what their more nimble competitors have already done. although omnichannel execution is undoubtedly now a top priority, alarmingly 55% of the retailers we surveyed cited that their investments have been driven by customers already expecting mature omnichannel capabilities and the need to play catch-up with their competitors."