Seamless experience
while shopping online

Omnichannel is about blending the online and in-store visual experience for furniture shoppers. The longer your customer stays engaged with your website, the more likely they are to purchase your product.

MicroD’s omnichannel toolkit has powerful product visualization tools to enhance the user experience online and increase customer engagement.


Room Planner

Bring your products to life. Many furniture retailers use the MicroD room planner to help designers and customers map the perfect room with the perfect furniture to fit. Shine a light on your products with our cloud-based room planner to ensure customers look at more of the products you offer.

Custom Draping

Give your customers the design freedom they crave! With MicroD’s product visualization tool, online shoppers can drape fabric on frames and configure product silhouettes transforming furniture into unique designs and revenue-generating sales. How does it work?

OmniVue® 3D

Delivering a powerfully realistic and interactive experience, the new 3D solution enables shoppers to better visualize furniture selections and seamlessly merge digital products into real physical spaces. Stay ahead of the visualization trends with one MicroD solution.

3D Room Planner