Merging Digital Products Into Real Physical Spaces

While there are already 3D solutions in the global marketplace that tailor to a single customer considering the purchase of a single item, OmniVue 3D is designed to create a more robust shopping experience for the consumers. OmniVue 3D is about servicing your customers in a comprehensive way. Just like the suite of products available in the MicroD toolbox, the OmniVue 3D components are built to help retailers, manufacturers, and designers sell more furniture.

Our 3D Solutions Kit

360 Spin Product Showcase

If it slides, glides, or reclines, your products can dance online at the touch of a mouse-click. Your customers want the in-store experience online and the Spin 360 functionality allows them to see every product from every angle. Empower your customers with the tools to view their ideal swivel recliner and all the functionality it could have in their own man cave. Our 3D technology provides virtually endless relaxing possibilities along with the latest in visualization.

3D Room Planner

We’ve seen website performance skyrocket with the interactive Room Planner by MicroD.

Now, we’re incorporating our 3D technology into the Room Planner to create the ultimate in the omnichannel shopping experience. From the products page or standalone, the 3D Room Planner renders all of the features we know and love in the Room Planner in a multi-dimensional view. 2D renderings of your sofa and chairs are replaced with 3D models of your catalogs set in a 3D floor plan customized by the customer.

Product Configurator

Part of the backbone of OmniVue 3D is the software that builds your products.

Any product, from the simple to the complex, can be configured into a 3D model with the Product Configurator. This visualization tool allows for 3D product visualization and building for sectionals, entertainment centers, storage systems, wall units, etc.

Augmented Reality (AR)

From the power of an iPad, your customers and designers can take a snapshot of rooms or use a live-view feed to import your products right into their virtual room. Our Augmented Reality takes the power of innovative technology and puts it in the hands of customers in their own homes. Customers can customize fabric selections, build new sectionals, take photos of every angle in the space, and design a new room with furniture that scales with the room’s natural dimensions.

Seeing is Believing

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