Help Furniture Shoppers Design the Perfect Room Online


The buyer’s journey has changed. Your customer is doing research about your furniture products and your store before you know they’re making a purchase decision. MicroD’s Interactive Room Planner will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Benefits of the OmniVue® Room Planner

Responsive on Desktops and Tablets

Save Room Plans for In-Store Purchases

Email Room Plans to Customers

Increase Customer's Time on Your Website

An interactive room planner is an essential sales tool for your website. Many furniture retailers and manufacturers use a virtual room planner to help designers and customers layout the perfect room with the perfect furniture to fit.

Our drag-and-drop room planner brings the power of choice and innovation to your customers.

What if your virtual room planner could be an extra sales person for your furniture products? Join the next generation of innovators in the home furnishings industry with the responsive room planner by MicroD.


Having the best catalog data in the furniture industry is important for online inventory. It’s even better for your online room planner with OmniVue®. See what makes our catalog data better for furniture retailers and manufacturers.