OmniVue Roomplanner

Seeing is believing...and selling. Shine a light on your products with our cloud-based room planner to ensure customers look at more and purchase more.

the next-gen solution

Our next-generation room planning technology is changing how customers shop...for the better.

  • The application is cloud-based and requires no software installation
  • It can be used on Windows and Macintosh PCs, tablets and smart phones
  • It easily works with a mouse or a touch screen
  • OmniVue Roomplanner is responsive and dynamically adjusts to any screen size
  • Extensive online help ensures ease of use, even for the novice
  • It is integrated with your website so customers can browse for products and send them to the room planner for placement
OmniVue Room Planner

How It Works

As an integral part of a retailer's or manufacturer's website, OmniVue Roomplanner allows consumers and interior designers to easily create the room they envision and share it with others online. The process and features are simple:

  • Start by creating the room's walls
  • Drag and drop furniture in place
  • Add doors and windows for a more realistic effect
  • Use buttons such as undo, rotate, and duplicate to position furniture correctly
  • Annotate with text and note important measurements
  • Receive a complete shopping list of all items created within the room
  • Save and print room plan
  • Share room plan in an email that includes both an image and a link for editing and refining

Let your customers virtually experience products like never before.

OmniVue Roomplanner is interactive & engages the customer at every touchpoint REQUEST A DEMO