Why MicroD

It's not enough to know about trends. We help you anticipate them. Our highly skilled team will be your collaborative partner on this rapidly changing landscape in the home furnishings industry.

To Stay Ahead, You Need Brains And Beauty. Luckily, We Have Both.

The world is constantly changing. Just when you think you've got the latest version, it's time for an update. When you're posting, everyone else is pinning. You share a link and it's already old news. It's no wonder retailers and manufacturers are overwhelmed. At MicroD, we realize there's one thing you can always count on - change.

MicroD will help you find your footing in the sea of constant change. We realize if you master this change, you evolve how you connect with people in the digital age and the opportunities are limitless. You see, adapting isn't about staying in one place, it's about moving forward.

As a solutions provider in the home furnishing industry for over 20 years, we've seen our fair share of change. But because we're such an inquisitive bunch, our curiosity helps us see what's next. We have an ear to the ground with an eye toward the future.

Let us help you move in the right direction with our Website, Data, Interactive and EDI solutions.