online shopping experience

As your customers continuously increase their level of online shopping, their expectations from your website is evolving. Consumers are beginning to expect the same type of personalized in-store experience through visiting your website.

Introducing iNGAGE by MicroD

MicroD’s new iNGAGE platform turns your website into a personalized online shopping experience that converts more visitors to sales qualified leads. Focusing on four strategic marketing methods, iNGAGE fine tunes product offers, promotions, and messaging with targeted precision for every shopper that visits your website.


of consumers buy more from retailers who personalize across channels.


increase in conversions from standard “browsing” or “disengaged” site visitors.


More revenue is generated with personalized digital content and results in greater ROI.


of consumers feel better about a company that delivers custom content.

of online consumers get frustrated when served content that has nothing to do with their interests.


of businesses will soon compete on the customer experience rather than product and price as the key differentiator.

Think of iNGAGE as another salesperson who works 24/7 and knows exactly what your customer needs. iNGAGE will captivate your website visitors and guide shoppers to the products they are most likely to buy. Based on our AI technology, we create a personalized shopping experience with targeted notifications to keep visitors on your site. iNGAGE will identify styles, collections, brands, products and price points that are important to your shopper and use that information to provide personalized online shopping for every visitor.

Website Personalization

Personally-tailored content and messages guide customers through their online experience – leading to a proven decrease in abandonment and an increase in new leads and sales.

Personal Product Recommendations

Steer your visitors to products that fit their style with targeted product recommendations across multiple pages and multiple channels.

Abandonment Marketing

Keep visitors on your site longer with engaging exit prohibitors such as coupons, re-engaging questions, and meaningful calls-to-action.

Behavioral Marketing

Using artificial intelligence, the platform learns how visitors interact and browse your website and delivers custom messages, quizzes, and promotions unique to each shopper and their behavior.

Ready to Get iNGAGED?

It’s easy to get personalized online shopping on your website. Whether you’re on the MicroD website platform or another, we are here to help your website collect more buyers and drive traffic to your showroom. The platform utilizes a huge network that allows MicroD to pre-identify over 15% of all visitors. That means a shopper coming to a website may already be in the MicroD network. Get a free demonstration from one of our experts today.

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