Omnichannel is important for furniture retailers and manufacturers

78% of furniture shoppers rely on retailer websites.


Website & Ecommerce

Captivate potential customers with a website that outperforms the competition and makes seamless shopping simple.

Product Visualization

Create a seamless shopping experience with enhanced product displays, from custom fabric draping and frame configurations to 3D room planning.

Catalog Data Management

Need to showcase updated brands and products on your website? Trust in MicroD’s robust catalog data for fresh inventory.

Strategic Services

Improve results in your organic search and paid advertising with best SEO practices and strategies to boost your website’s presence.

Electronic Data Interchange

Drive better data by securing your critical information through the industry-leading EXIM EDI Commerce technology.


Your retail customers have shorter attention spans than a goldfish.

If you think any old website will do for your business, think again. You have 8 seconds to engage an online visitor. Why take the risk of losing your online shoppers with an outdated website?

How do we help?

MicroD improves the online user experience across all devices and streamlines business transactions through our full suite of enterprise products and services.


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