What is Electronic Data Interchange?


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) connects the dots of data. MicroD’s EXIM EDI solution has been improving businesses in the Home Furnishings industry for more than 20 years. We know how valuable your data is to business operations.

That’s why we’ve perfected the EDI method with EXIM EDI. Through MicroD, Home Furnishings retailers, manufacturers, suppliers and logistics providers share, analyze and collaborate on orders, shipping plans, catalogs, pricing and more.

Why Does EDI Matter to You?

Our electronic data interchange software enables manufacturers and retailers to send and receive documents electronically and inexpensively through the Internet. EDI takes the manual processes like order tracking, transaction processing, or data entry and automates the exchange to reduce errors and maximize efficiency.

How Can EDI Help Your Business?

EDI frees furniture manufacturers and retailers to focus their talented staff on value-added activities such as building customer relationships, developing innovative new products and enhancing the shopper experience.

Seamless Integration

EXIM Commerce integrates into the leading home furnishings industry Retail Management Systems (RMS) and keeps your data rolling through the cloud-based technology. Your brand takes the lead and every vendor relationship operates within your EXIM Commerce software.

How Can You Go Seamless?

Communicate easily. Increase performance. Reduce errors. Ready to automate?